An Unexpected Journey

The Tale of a Human Bean


“There is no substitute for hard work." - T. Edison

•• Inspired ••

So on Thursday(November 21st) Jenna and I headed down to LA to see Noah Gundersen and Over the Rhine play at the El Rey Theater.
First of all, the El Rey is an awesome venue and if you get the chance, go! There really isn’t a bad seat in the place and the ambiance is great.
Noah Gundersen opened up the show with an amazing performance(great job as well Abby). In all honesty, we did go to this only because of him, no offense Over the Rhine. However, we did stay and watch Over the Rhine for a while and they were good. We did end up taking off early because it was a couple hour drive back home. It was really cool because after his set, Noah Gundersen was just walking around and was talking to with people. He was also very kind and just a pleasure to meet. So thanks Noah.
Anywhosies, after a concert Tuesday, a hockey game Wednesday, and this concert Thursday, I was quite pooped. The best part was how inspired I was by all of this; to create music and be productive and just appreciate the little things. Life is good my friends. Live it to its fullest and be mindful of the little pleasures we have.

• Anaheim Ducks vs New Jersey Devils •

Well … This is one of the coolest things I’ve done! I’ve been watching the New Jersey Devils since I was about 6 or 7 years old and they have been my favorite team since then. It’s been kind of hard since I’m a California boy and I have never even been to Jersey.
—- There is no reason they are my favorite team, I just picked them when I was little and stuck with them —-
So here we are, 19 years later, and my time has come to see the New Jersey Devils play. When I first showed up, the best part was Martin Brodeur playing in front of me most of the game - 1st and 3rd periods. Ultimately, they came back to win it on OT and end the Ducks 8 game home winning streak.
It was amazing to see some people I’ve watch since I was so young like Teemu Selänne, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Eliáš, and Jaromír Jágr. What a great night it was. Glad to see some of tees legends before they leave the game.

The Wind Rises

Sad to see a movie legend finishing up his career. All of his movies are incredible and worth seeing. Hopefully he’ll miss it too badly and come out of retirement and make many more films!

Lyrical Memories From Another Life

My roommate and I headed down to Ventura last night to see a concert that we were both pretty excited to see. We were seeing Driver Friendly (who we missed), Morion City Soundtrack, and Relient K. It was so fun seeing these bands because I used to listen to Relient K and Motion City Soundtrack like … 10 years ago?!?
The craziest parts of the whole thing were probably:
1. I felt dated because most everyone there looked like they were 13-17 years old
2. These bands are still so popular to these young kids 10 years later
It’s so fascinating that what I listened to way back when, they still view as great music and follow it!
Anyway, regardless of all of that, it was fun.

I don’t know if it’s possible to define a point where a friendship begins. There is no clear threshold—but there is proof that one has crossed it. A friend is a story-bearer, one who lives so that the life of their friend may be known to everyone they meet. Even the most selfish among us, if they have a friend, will melt in a moment’s notice at the heartbreak of a loved one. The meek will dig to find their loudest voice on behalf of someone they hold dear.

Friendship can at times be painful and sleepless, but it is never a chore. Friendship assures that our screams and questions will never go unnoticed. Friendship knows that piecing together questions and lives is an honor.

Levi, Bree, and Gage are my friends. They are among my brothers and sisters in my “Tour Family.” I don’t know if I would still be doing what I do without them. They hold within them immense beauty, talent, and inspiration. They have felt pain and warmth, and they desire to share the things they have learned. After Levi and Bree lost their father to suicide, they wrote a song with Gage and his band To Speak of Wolves called “Rearview Memories" to tell their story, and this video aspires to keep that story alive.

This video and the song that inspired it remind us we are in this together, that art and friends exist to help us remember how to walk after we’ve fallen to our knees. It serves as a reminder that you deserve such friendship. It is worth the fight to be heard, and we stand behind you.

If you feel alone, know that the voices represented here understand how you feel. This is not the end of your story. Don’t give up. Our friends at 1-800-SUICIDE and 1-800-273-TALK stand at the ready for you. Reach out. Ask for help. You are so worth it.


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As this night has unveiled itself, I have become more and more aware and in awe of the artistic abilities of others. In all different ways people can be so creative. Think of the limited amount of notes there are in music and how many different songs can be formed by people. The way that people can listen to a song, pick up on its tune, and so intimately replicate it on an instrument of their choice. Look at buildings and all the different structural differences found throughout the world. Look at the drawings, paintings, and other artistic dreams that are so intricately displayed on the surfaces and areas at hand. The human mind is incredible and the way people express their thoughts and the glimpses we are given into the smallest sections of their brains through external displays of vivid imagery is phenomenal!

“Forever let it be engraved on our hearts that faith in Christ is the grand secret of peace with God. - J.C. Ryle”

My heart is filled with inexpressible joy, for I have experienced dreams coming true :)

This little guy has to be my favorite little sea creature :)

"The Spanish Shawl nudibranch, like so many other nudibranchs, feeds on colonial hydrozoans—branching colonies of small, anemone-like animals. The hydrozoans, like anemones and jellies, have stinging cells containing hair-trigger cnidocysts that shoot out threads that penetrate and entrap the hydrozoan’s prey. These are similar to the stinging cells contained within the tentacles of dangerous jellies that sting swimmers. Instead of being stung by the hydrozoan’s stinging cells, the Spanish Shawl consumes the hydrozoan without discharging their cnidocysts. The cnidocysts are concentrated and sequestered in branches of the gut that lead up into the orange cerata along the back of the nudibranch. A predator of the Spanish Shawl, ignoring the warning coloration and biting into a cera, will receive a mouth-full of stinging cells.”
- Larry Friesen